About Disney Cruising Group & Guidelines

Welcome to the Disney Cruising Group (DCG) website! We are so glad you joined our happy Disney Cruising community. In just a few years, we have become one of the BEST sources of info on Disney Cruising and we’re sure glad you’ve decided to check us out.

For starters, please know there are two unique environments to explore:

  1. DCG Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DisneyCruising/
  2. DCG Website: http://www.disneycruisinggroup.com (formerly a Google Webpage)

Both contain a plethora of information! Looking to immerse yourself in all there is to learn about Disney Cruising on your own time? You’re in the right place. On this website you will find tons of information, including details and direct links to:

  • Stateroom photos
  • A list of cruise-specific, cruiser-led planning groups
  • What to pack, as well as what NOT to pack
  • Excursion details
  • Dining room menus
  • …and so much more.

This website is managed by Mark Kechula so, unlike our Facebook page, there is a limited agent/agency presence on the ‘www’. Not so within the Facebook group aside from occasional giveaways.

Looking for more of a deep dive into conversation and discussion with your Disney Cruising family? Questions? Concerns? Fears? Head on over to our Facebook group. No obligation as lurking and learning is fine too! But first, please read over the DCG Facebook Group Guidelines as they are key to ensuring smooth sailing for all.

DCG Facebook Group Guidelines

    1. DCL & OTHER CRUISE LINES. This group is for discussing Disney Cruise Line (DCL). Although occasional mentions of other cruise lines may naturally occur, please do not ask for information on ‘other’ cruise lines. If you want to discuss other lines or how they compare to DCL, please find another group for that conversations.
    2. NO SOLICITING. No solicitations for donations or ‘contest votes’ unless approved by the group administrator.
    3. TRAVEL AGENT TALK. This group was founded by a travel agent and has never allowed Travel Agent (TA) trolling whatsoever. We kindly ask that you refrain from naming Travel Agents, Travel Planners, Big Box/Wholesale Stores that sell travel and/or Travel Agencies. Do not self-identify as a Travel Agent. This includes on the group page and via private message. Also, on the same subject, our membership is currently NOT open to Travel Agents. There are plenty of other groups that sell Disney Travel. We prefer a sales-free zone in our group and try to protect the privacy of our members.
    4. DISNEY OFFICIAL OR DCG-APPROVED LINKS. No links to any Disney site that is not ‘Official’ Disney, this includes unofficial blogs, guides, other Facebook pages, etc. Some links that are allowed include:
      • This group’s web page
      • Official Disney sites
      • Cruise meet groups
      • Official government sites (used to clarify travel rules and regulations)
      • Links listed at this groups web page
      • Retail sites if they do not violate rule number 5
    5. SALES/SELLING. While we do allow members to share information on where they purchase Disney treasures, We DO NOT allow members to sell/buy merchandise in the group, refer to the fact that they sell, or post links with referral codes. Also, no promoting your spouse, friends or neighbors. We DO NOT allow ANY web links to Zulily, Amazon, Shave Clubs, credit card offers, or any independent reseller on-line sites. Why? The aforementioned online shopping websites allow resellers and we do not allow self-promotion within this group. Screenshots, WITHOUT links, of items from such online shops are permitted. This entire guideline applies to both the Facebook page and via private message.
    6. ONLINE BEHAVIOR. Any person who belittles, bullies or otherwise makes another member feel uncomfortable, either at the Facebook page or via private message, may be removed from this group, as well. We understandably take a Zero Tolerance stance for such behavior.
    7. BLOCKING. You may not block any Admin of this group. If you do so, and do not remove the block upon request, you will be removed from the group.
    8. NOT DISNEY-RELATED? Any threads that have nothing to do with Disney will be deleted.
    9. SCREENSHOTS. Posting screenshots of private message conversations between ANY members of this group, without the other party’s permission, will result in be banned/blocked from DCG and reported to FB.
    10. FOLLOW DCL RULES. DCG strives to keep all of our information accurate and per Disney Cruise Line policy. If we see anyone that suggests ways to break or bend the DCL rules, or references having gotten away with breaking any DCL rule (i.e. putting a luggage tag on a case of water bottles and checking it in, carrying on prohibited items, alcohol policy, dress codes, youth clubs, etc.), your post will be deleted.
    11. NEWS/EVENTS. Any post that pertains to any tragic incident including accidents, deaths, natural phenomenon, or any misfortune that occurred to another, is not permitted in DCG. Please seek out news outlets for those types of stories. Links from news outlets that discuss these will also be deleted.
    12. POLITICS/RHETORIC. DCG does not ‘do’ politics, religion or activist causes. Please use your own wall or other sites for such comments.

To the very few who violate these guidelines, at the discretion of the Admins, any of the followings may occur:

  • Your comment removed
  • You may be warned, either on the FB page or via private message
  • You may be removed from the group

Thank you very much for familiarizing yourself with our Facebook Group Guidelines. We hope you have a magical day – now head on over to Facebook and join the discussion or hop back over to this website main page and explore!