DCG Volunteer Admins

The Disney Cruising Facebook Group was created November 5, 2012 and is intended to be a community where adults (18 years and up) can share information relating to Disney Cruising, Disney Parks and other Disney Destinations. The same vibe and intent is threaded throughout this website. All led by our fearless leader Mark Kechula and fueled by a team of voluntary admins. We work together to assist our favorite cruisers – i.e. all DCG members – with any information they might need, we ensure it is DCL-accurate, we tend to streamline conversation and silence the very rare rude guest, we remove spam posts and posts not adhering to guidelines, we manage the posting of stateroom photos, collection of DCL cruise documents, coordinate our traveling banners, and make time to come up with ‘continuous improvement’ ideas to ensure we are meeting cruiser needs before they need them. Oh yeah, and in our spare time we welcome over 2,000 new members to the Facebook group each month. Phew!

Your DCG Volunteer Admins are:

Mark Kechula
Carlie Lerner Patton
Troy Bollich
Amber Costa
Michelle Vanwinkle
Andy Garcia
Chuck Bradley
Tracy Kim Hanski
Sandy Bond Dunning
Jacqui Shelton
Steve Peoples
Lance Parcell
Bruce Johnson
Tammie Thomas Kechula
Anne Karine
Julie Winters
Paige Harrison Francis
Renee Dillon Peoples
Kristine Lefebvre
Tara Ghiatis

We’re glad you’re here!