A Banner Tradition

WHO: The Disney Cruising Facebook Group has created banners for members to wave during their Disney cruise sail away.

WHAT: A banner is a big piece of vinyl bearing a slogan or design, hung or waved in a public place. The banner idea was from Kelly Carlson, who saw cruisers waving a flag during a sail away.

WHERE: Different port webcams

WHEN: During sail away on Disney Cruise Line.

WHY: Disney Cruising Group promotes camaraderie for our fellow cruisers. This is a perfect way to meet new cruising friends. The banner’s sole purpose is to foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow cruisers and it promotes the Disney Cruising FB group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get the banner?
By requesting the banner you agree to all rules of the banner.  Sign up on this page (click).

What if I’m a First-Time Cruiser?
At Disney Cruising, we strongly suggest you don’t wave the banner for your first cruise. The reason we say this is because your first-time cruise is a Magical time, and we would not like to take this time away from you and your family experiencing this magic.

What if I live in a foreign country?
We have a banner stationed in Canada. For other countries, it is very expensive to ship to outside the United States. We recommend someone in your cruise group and who is a member of Disney Cruising Group fill out the banner request for your cruise.

When will I be contacted regarding my banner request?
Between 6 to 8 weeks of your cruise via private message on Facebook.

How do I see who have the banner scheduled?
Please see the Calendar here (click).

What if I’m on a back to back; do I need to fill out a banner request for both cruises?
Yes, we need a banner request for both of your cruises for scheduling purposes. If we don’t know about your second cruise, there could already be an assigned banner family for that cruise. This would cause two banners to be on one cruise.

How many banners does Disney Cruising have?
We have more than 10 banners in rotation. Please be mindful of sending the banner to the next family as soon as possible after your cruise. They are just as excited as you were to wave our banner.

What happens of someone else is on the banner calendar for my cruise?
If there are two or more families who have requested the banner, the first request is asked to be responsible for the banner. The other families are asked if they want to participate during the banner wave. The families will then be asked if their info can be shared so the parties can meet for the banner wave.

Can I write on it or have characters sign the banner?
Yes, but please only sign the back or have the characters sign the back of the banner.

What time is sail away?
The approximate sail away time is between 4:30pm and 5:00pm Eastern Time for Port Canaveral. Other port times may vary.

Where is the webcam?
The Port Canaveral webcam is located at Fishlips Restaurant. This is the yellow building on the right side of the channel as your leaving the cruise terminal. Other webcams will vary in location.

Where do I stand to wave the banner?
Please stand on the right side (starboard) of the ship as you’re moving forward on the top open deck of the ship-deck 10 on the Magic and Wonder and deck 13 on the Dream and Fantasy. These locations are for Port Canaveral Webcam. Other location may vary for different webcams.

If there is someone on the ship after my cruise and is on the banner calendar, may I leave the banner on the ship for them?
Because of previous circumstances, we can’t rely on Guest Services to give the banner to the next cruise in time for sail away. All banner exchanges are done via mail.

Who do I send the banner to?
We will send you this information as soon as we confirm the next banner family.