Fish Extender: All You Need To Know

What is a FE or Fish Extender?
A FE or Fish Extender is a pocketed hanging file. There is a Fish, Star or Seahorse outside of your state room. This is a letter slot. You hang your FE on the letter slot.

Do I need an FE?
No, if you’re not part of the FE group gift exchange. Yes, if you are part of a FE group gift exchange. You can hang any type bag you wish to collect your FE Gifts. It does not have to be anything fancy.

How do I know who to give gifts to?
The person who is coordinating the FE group in your cruise group will publish the FE group list you are on. You will give to those cruisers in your group.

When do I deliver my gifts?
Anytime you want except the last night because we are all busy packing to leave the ship the next day.

When is the best time to deliver gifts?
This will depend on your schedule and what you want to do on board. We suggest you check the cruise navigator to find a lull in your day, and deliver then.

Do you have to give to everyone in the cabin?
Yes, and no. You can decide to do all the cruisers listed in your FE group or you can just give per cabin listed in your FE group.

What if I’m not crafty? Where can I get one?
You can search google for Fish Extenders. There are many trusted shops that can make one for you at a cost.

How much do I spend per person or cabin on a FE gift?
There is no set limit to how much you spend. Some cruisers make their own gifts, some buy FE gifts. This is for you to decide based on your budget.

How many people or cabins are in a FE Group?
This is determined by the cruise group and the FE group coordinator. The normal range is 10, 12 or 15.

Can I join more then one FE Group?
In most cases yes, this will depend on the FE group coordinator.

How do we distribute the FE gifts? Do you have to walk the whole ship?
It is suggested to group the cabins you need to deliver to in Forward, Mid, and Aft sections. You might need to walk to whole ship to deliver to every cabin on your list. We suggest you don’t deliver at night because your gift may grow legs and find a new home.

How do I find my Cruise Group?
You can find your cruise group by searching FB or seeing the two cruise group pages at the top of this website listed by year. To search FB, we suggest typing the ship name then date if your cruise group is not listed.

Is there a separate FE group for Adults?
Only if the cruise group has created one or you can ask in your cruise group to start one.

Do I put our name and cabin number on the gift we give?
We suggest you do so the person receiving them know who it came from.

What if I joined, but no longer can participate?
Please either post in the cruise group or PM the FE Group Coordinator. They will remove you from the list.

What if the cabin is in the concierge area?
You can still deliver your FE gift. The concierge cabins have a letter slot to hang a FE on.

Do I need to write a Thank You card?
No, you can post in the cruise group after your cruise and try to tag the giver in the post.

What if the gift is to big for the FE pocket?
You can prop it up against the door. You can put it on the handle of the door if its not breakable. You can leave it with Guest Services with their stateroom number and leave a message for them to go pick it up. You can ask the stateroom host to put it in their stateroom.