Placeholders & Onboard Bookings

Disney Cruising Onboard Booking and Placeholder Tips

Is there much worse than having to leave such a magical ship? Many who neglect or simply forget to take advantage of an On-Board Booking or Placeholder typically find their way to the Disney Cruising Group Facebook page soon after debarkation and share their regrets. Don’t be that person – read up!

Do your research at home so that you are ready to choose specific dates and itineraries when you book onboard. If you are unsure of your future sail date, just book a placeholder cruise. The onboard booking agents are very familiar with this process. Also contact your travel agent if you have questions.

Go to the Future Cruise Desk on Deck Four on the first night of your cruise. The line for onboard booking can get long toward the end of the sailing and if you make any changes to your reservation, it is easier to do on the ship. Bring something to read while you wait, or use the drop box to request your booking (more on this below).

Get a written reservation confirmation showing that your deposit has been paid before you disembark. If you use a travel agent, make sure they are listed on the reservation.

Use the drop box for onboard booking forms at the Future Cruise Desk and skip waiting in line.

Onboard booking allows you to book up to 2 staterooms on ONE future sail date. Name changes to the reservation may be made so long as one adult on the original booking remains on the reservation.
Even if you intend to sail concierge, use onboard booking. While you don’t receive the discount on concierge level rooms, you do receive the onboard credit. Plus, if you have to downgrade when you return home to a non-concierge category the 10% onboard discount would then apply to your non-concierge category. Your concierge deposit is non-refundable.

If you’re not exactly sure when you might sail again, you can book a placeholder. A placeholder booking requires $250 deposit and you have 24 months to sail to receive the onboard booking benefits. Placeholders are automatically cancelled on their expiration date listed on the confirmation.

Why is this important? Booking on ship comes with more than just beautiful surroundings. The perks are big!

Cruises of 7 nights or longer receive a 10% discount, a 10% deposit and a $200 OBC
Cruises less than 7 nights receive a 10% discount, 20% deposit and a $100 OBC.

Contact your travel agent if using one as soon as you get home to get the magic started, again!

Ready, set, go! Placeholder Form

Form Link here

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