Recipe: Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes

1 bag Purseittes( keep frozen )
Champagne sauce
2 tbsp Butter
5 oz Chopped shallots
2 ea Chopped garlic cloves
250 mil Champagne 250 mil Heavy Cream
2 tbsp White truffle Oil
1 tbsp Basil Chopped
1 tbsp Salt
1 tbsp Ground White Pepper

Julienne Vegetables
1 ea Carrot Sautéed
1 ea Leek Stalk Sautéed
1 ea Onion Sautéed
1 ea Garlic Sautéed

40 piece Shaved Black Truffles 4 per plate
4 oz Chives Finely Sliced
8 oz Parmesan Shavings

For the Pasta
Cook the pasta in boiling water season with salt and olive oil. Remove and serve immediately.

For the Champagne Sauce
Sautee shallots in garlic and butter until soft, add the Champagne and reduce by half, add the cream and Basil-reduce by 1/3rd add whisk in the roux,-to obtain the required consistency (the sauce should be very smooth and light in texture) and simmer for 5 minutes-strain the sauce with a fine chinois and stir in the truffle oil-season with salt and ground black pepper and reserve for service. Sautee the Julienne vegetables and Garlic in Olive Oil until just tender.

Coat the pasta lightly with the sauce serve 4 pieces on each dish. Top with Julienne Vegetables. Garnish with shaved black truffles, shaved parmesan cheese and finely chopped chives.