Youth Clubs

Please enjoy our compiled general information on each of the DCL youth clubs.

It’s a Small World Nursery

Sure, sure the nursery isn’t exactly a club, but deserves a mention. This magical space is a valued and treasured ship resource for caring for your most precious cargo joining you under the age of three.

For details about It’s a Small World Nursery, including rate and reservation info, please visit:

Oceaneer Club and Lab

Must be toilet trained!!!

Oceaneer Club/Lab is an activity center designed for kids 3 to 12 years old located on Deck 5, Midship on all four ships (Magic, Wonder, Dream & Fantasy). The operating hours varies occasionally but it’s normally from 9am till midnight better check your personal navigator daily for the exact operating hours of the club.

Oceaneer Club on Disney Wonder has a theme derived from the film Peter Pan, it resembles Captain Hook’s pirate ship straight out of Never Land. The televisions were embedded on what looks like a treasure chests, lamps that looks like the barrels, hanging ropes, wooden planks and a glistening fiber-optic night sky.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club provides a safe environment, where children can play and learn and interact with other children. They have different settings areas where children can play autonomously with toys and games, an area for arts and crafts, and even for watching movies.

On Disney Dream & Fantasy, Oceaneer Club/Lab have a different setting. Both ships have a central rotunda and each serves as the main gathering area of the club, it also leads to four different portals to the other themed rooms in the club. The rotunda also serves as the main stage for the children where they can use as a dance floor, theatrical plays, story telling and a place where they meet and greet the characters. It is also equipped with a wide screen plasma TV where they can also watch movies and interact with Crush the turtle.

Themed Spaces

Branching from the Central Rotunda Oceaneer’s Club of Disney Dream & Fantasy has 4 themed rooms:

Andy’s Room – inspired from the movie, Toy Story.
Monster Academy – inspired fro the movie, Monster Inc.
Pixie Hollow – inspired from the movie Tinkerbelle and Fairies
Explorer Pods – is a Nemo Sub, inspired from the movie Finding Nemo

On Disney Magic, Oceaneer Club/Lab has been newly refurbished, they added new features and theme. Compared to Disney Dream and Fantasy, the central gathering place in Disney Magic is designed like a library and has 4 themed “Storybook Worlds”:

Andy’s Room – inspired by the Toy Story movie.
Marvel’s Avengers Academy – inspired by the comic book Marvel’s and the Super Heroes.
Mickey Mouse Club
Pixie Hollow – inspired by Disney Fairies animated film.

On Disney Wonder, the setup is similar to the Disney Magic and designed like a library and with 4 themed “Storybook Worlds”:

Andy’s Room – inspired by the Toy Story movie.
Marvel’s Super Hero Academy – inspired by the comic book Marvel’s and the Super Heroes.
Frozen Adventures – modeled after Frozen’s Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post
Club Disney Junior

How do I register my child? You can register your child at the terminal during check-in or directly at the club once you board the ship. You can also pre-register online under “My Cruise Plans” once your online check-in becomes available for you for Castaway Cay silver level you can do so in 90 days prior, Gold members 105 days and Platinum 120 days prior to sailing date. For first time cruisers you can pre-register in 75 days prior. Children with special needs, food restrictions and allergies can be accommodated at the club. Just indicate it in your registration forms and notify the staff, and they will make special arrangements. Although they can’t provide one-on-one care, they will do the best they can.

On embarkation day at the terminal, parents and child(ren) need to be present at check-in. Parents will fill out final paperwork and children will receive a wristband indicating that they belong to the Oceaneer Club/Lab aboard the ship. Once on board, parents are welcomed in the club during the open house day (embarkation day) to tour the club, meet the counselors and learn the many activities offered on board for their child.

What is a wristband? Children registered at the Oceaneer Club/Lab are given wristbands that must be worn throughout the duration of your cruise. It is a water and sand proof device and securely attach to your child’s wrists or ankle depending on what you think will be comfortable for your child. It has a black or red clip (medical alert, dietary references) attached to securely hold the bands. Upon registration you will be automatically charged $12.50/registered child on your portfolio for the bands. At the end of the cruise the fee will be reimbursed upon return of the band. You can also keep it for souvenir or future use.

The wristband is used to check in/out your child at the kids club, the same process is also used at Castaway cay’s Scuttles Cove. The wristband uses a RFID – Radio Frequency Identification technology. Any child who uses certain medical device must check their device manufacturer or ask your physician if there may be possible unwanted interferences as a result of the RF transmitters embedded in the bands. Additional information about RFID please click on the link:

The wristband when scanned will provide all your child’s vital information including any medical alert, food references and allergies, a red clip will be attached to your child’s band to alert the staff. This will also allow the Youth Club Staffs to have an accurate count of children in the club and be able to locate them while in the club premises.

Can my child check in/out by him/herself? Children ages 8 – 12 with parent’s permission can check in and out by themselves. Without the parent’s authorization they can’t leave the club. A parent must drop their child and at pick-up they need to say the password they provided at the time of registration.


Children are offered lunch and dinner at the club and for those who do not want to join, activities are still ongoing during meal times. This is the perfect time for parents wishing to eat at the adult’s only restaurant on board. There is also a “Dine and Play” program for the families dining on second seating just let your server know that you will be participating in Dine And Play. In Dine and Play program, the children receive their meals earlier and then the youth counselors will come and pick them up from the dining room and escort them to the kids club. This allows parents to enjoy their dinner at their own pace.

For more information about the Oceaneer Club please visit:

For more information about the Oceaneer Lab, please visit:


The Edge is a loft-style lounge exclusive for tweens – kids ages 11 to 14 years old. On Disney Dream and Fantasy, Edge is located on Deck 13, Forward Funnel. On Disney Magic and Wonder, the Edge is located on Deck 2, Midship.

The operating hours varies so make sure you check your daily personal navigator. Usually it opens from 9am till 1:30am.

For more info about The Edge:


The Vibe is a club exclusively for teens ages 14 – 17. You’ll find the Vibe at Deck 11, midship on both the Wonder and Magic. On Disney Fantasy and Dream they are located on deck 5, forward.

The opening hours varies so you will need to refer all the time to your daily personal navigators.

For more info about the Vibe please follow the link:

Check out photos of these exciting spaces! If there are no photos, please take some on your next cruise and submit to us – thank you!

Oceaneer’s Club/Lab
The Edge (Photos Needed)
The VibeMore Vibe photos
It’s a Small World Nursery
Arr-cade (Photos Needed)
Chill Spa (Photos Needed)

Oceaneer’s Club/Lab
The Edge (Photos Needed)
The Vibe (Photos Needed)
It’s a Small World Nursery (Photos Needed)

Oceaneer’s Club/Lab – Oceaneer’s Area
The Edge
The Vibe
It’s A Small World Nursery (Photos Needed)
Goofy’s Sport’s Deck (Photos Needed)

Oceaneer’s Club/Lab (Photos Needed)
The Edge (Photos Needed)
The Vibe (Photos Needed)
Flounder’s Reef Nursery (Photos Needed)
Quarter Masters (Photos Needed)